Giovanni, Matteo, Gennaro, Elena, who joined our company in this adventure, are presenting themselves


Giovanni was born in the province of Verona 47 years ago; he divides his time between his beloved city and your country, trying to offer the best quality service, by putting his collaborators with whom he works for a long period of time and his new friends in this challenge. His past, as an entrepreneur, which still places him in the reality of Italian territory and beyond, always positioned him in the forefront in terms of market challenges, managing to fulfill the objectives based on customer satisfaction. In this new reality, he manages and leads both the company and the staff. Despite the commitments given by its role, he does not give up to pursue his customers in the first person, together with sales staff that he trains himself with the aid of his trusted collaborators. In addition, in moments of relaxation, he loves to deal in the true sense of the word with the preparation of dough, spending time in the company's laboratories to follow closely the achieving of products united with mastery.


Matteo was born in Verona 40 years ago has a completely different professional training. The owner of a hi-tech company from Italy that provides  IT service programming; joins the company due to more rapid development of technologies necessary to the modern organized reality, in these times when the provision of information regarding the science is increasingly required, in a company that has a significant growth plan, like the one we implemented in Romania. Computer web responsibility, programming semi-automatic lines, comes exclusively and represents measures that will be taken when the demands on quantity of the product will require this. Those operations indispensable for manufacturing of the product will continue to be manually, and are designed to prevent the damage of organoleptic and scent quality. All of these to maintain the quality of our products at the highest level. Currently Mr. Matteo, will operate in our company in Verona.


Has joined the team recently, sharing of course, our same desire for absolute quality, for genuine Italian dishes as pizza, pasta, snacks and delicacies. Born in Naples 36 years ago, Gennaro acquired the skills from the best teachers, who had the ability of transforming pizza making into an art. Therefore, he had the opportunity to refine his techniques by further exploring new ways and methods to improve flavours and fragrances. Already owner of four pizzerias in Italy, his goal is to create an outlet market  abroad for the real “made in Italy”, using the best certified Italian products marked DOP (protected origins) and DOC ( controlled origins). By fully subscribing to our company’s commitments, he adds more value to the products we lovingly create. He strongly believes in training people who really love Italian cuisine and he will follow us to every event, present or future, our company is involved into. Gennaro is always ready to answer any question regarding the argument, as well as we all are.


Born 31 years ago in Romania, she gathered both study and work experience abroad, thus gainig important capacities and abilities. Alongside her professionalism, she places the love for Italian flavours, history, cultural traditions, art and architecture. She felt right at home joining our project: “when the flour becomes art”. Our plan is to spread food culture and quality history and develop at the same time the true concept of “ made in Italy”. Elena dedicates herself to the company not only as an administrative manager but also participates in every single event scheduled for the development of our project. Full of enthusiasm, willingness to work and completely dedicated to our cause, she successfully transmits every beautiful aspect characterizing our world.